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Junior Governors

At the beginning of the academic year, children are invited to put themselves forward as candidates to become Junior Governors.  All candidates present a 'manifesto' to their class, and a demographic election then takes.

The Junior Governors aim to represent the 'pupil voice' throughout the school year, reporting to staff any concerns or ideas that students have.  In addition, Junior Governors are responsible for deciding which charities will be supported during the year.  Through democratic debate, decisions are made and at this point, the team of Junior Governors are tasked with planning, promoting and carrying out chosen activities and events. Although fully supported by staff, the Junior Governors are very much responsible for establishing their own areas of focus.

Upcoming Events


Our Junior Governors have decided that they would like to create outdoor reading areas for each of the playgrounds.  If you have any books that you would like to donate then please bring them into school on Friday 10th November. Many thanks