Etching Hill

"Together we can, Together we will"
Life at Etching Hill C of E (C) Primary School Life at Etching Hill C of E (C) Primary School Life at Etching Hill C of E (C) Primary School
  • Please remember sun cream, sun hats and plenty of drinks for children in sunny weather.  Thank you.

Year 5

We are Class 5M, a lively and hardworking year 5 class who enjoy our learning at Etching Hill with our teacher, Mrs Morganti.


Our whole class targets for this year are to learn our times tables, work extra hard to practise our spellings and to be on time for school every day so that we can win the attendance award!

Next door in the upstairs classrooms you will also find class 5J.  We are taught by Mrs Jevon and supported by Mrs Heather.  We love getting involved in fun, active and challenging activities in our classes, which involves lots of collaborative learning, the outdoors, ICT or using our imagination and seeing where it takes us!


Year 5 started with the most wonderful adventure of all - CAMP! We had a fantastic week at Laches Wood, experiencing different activities and learning new skills such as: canoeing, caving, high ropes and bush craft, along with many more new activities.

As a year group, we were fortunate enough to be invited up to visit the local allotments by the Allotment Society to begin our topic on Allotments.  After this, we had lots of fun researching and designing our own allotments. We visited the COOP to learn about Fair Trade, and discovered more about where in the world our food comes from. We are looking forward to revisiting this topic in the summer to make comparisons and see the changes through the seasons.

Our second topic proved to be very popular and generated some excellent home learning. Through the theme of Stargazers, we have looked into the history of space, space explorers and inventions. We enjoyed making mars rovers, lunar surfaces and even the planets themselves. This enthusiasm generated some excellent narrative stories about aliens and space adventure. Even our maths was put to the test when we designed, launched and evaluated our own rockets. Visiting the space centre was an excellent way to answer any unanswered questions, and to further extend our understanding of space exploration.

Google Expeditions was the perfect platform for us to explore ancient Egypt and the lives that the Pharos lead. We were excellent mathematicians when ordering chronological events, developing our English skills through writing instructions for mummification, and became skilled designers when creating our own Canopic jars in air-dry clay.

Alchemy Island has captured the imaginations of Year 5. To accompany our own 3D island, we have written some fabulous setting descriptions. Based on the short story ‘The Alchemist’s Letter’ we have explored different styles of writing and recreated our own golden memories. Through scientific exploration, we have investigated properties of materials and have got messy in creating a range of different mixtures to explore dissolving and changes of state. Our understanding of the world has developed through studying maps, with a specific focus on different types of climate, land use and natural features. We look forward to seeing the brilliant home learning projects that we are already starting to hear so much about.