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Sports Funding

Clicking on the Sports Funding 2018-2019 link below provides you with detailed information about Etching Hill's Sports Funding and a full review.

Sports Funding & Review 2018-2019

At Etching Hill, we value the importance of PE across our school. It plays a central role in our school life and we recognise the impact that previous funding has had in raising the profile of PE. This has resulted in Etching Hill achieving the GOLD Schools Games Mark for our commitment, engagement and delivery of competitive school sport.

Every school currently receives £16000.00 plus £10.00 per pupil for the 2018-2019 school year.  The success of this allocated sports funding, which is provided by the government directly to primary schools in order to support the provision of quality PE/sport will impact many sporting areas throughout the school during this academic year.

We feel that the sports premium money was spent wisely last year impacting positively on the provision for our children, ensuring that they received quality PE teaching and experiences. So, this year we plan to continue the learning experiences we provided for our children, building upon last year’s spending plan in order to get best value and maximum impact for our children. We plan to use the money to:

  • Directly employ sports coaches to deliver the PE curriculum across the school and to provide more opportunities for sports clubs. This gives us a package of in-school support and training for both children and staff.
  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning in PE; enhance leadership of PE in schools and across clusters of schools.
  • Promote effective sport and healthy active lifestyle development; benchmark provision and outcomes nationally in PE, physical activity and school sport. This academic year, through again working alongside other primary schools and our local High schools, we will further be able to combine good elements of training, for both staff and children, and provide more opportunities for us to enter into a variety of sporting events both on a competitive and non-competitive level.
  • Provide cover release and transport costs so that Mr Ray and Mr Shakesheave (our school sports leader & coach) can take children, in and out of school time to local sports events. Enabling us to fill our calendar with sporting events for both Key stages 1 and 2, building upon our excellent participation in level 2-3 sports.    
  • Purchase further equipment into school to complement the PE curriculum/ extra-curricular clubs. 
  • Coach our pupils to become leaders of sport and maintain the raised profile of PE across the school.
  • Offer a broad range of new, exciting clubs to engage as many pupils as possible in Sport.

We calculate that the cost of these actions will exceed the current amount given by the government, however Etching Hill will cover any short fall after spending the sport grant to ensure full impact of these actions.

We are looking forward to seeing our pupils become more involved in school sport and eagerly await, what we are sure will be, our many successes.