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"Together we can, Together we will"
Life at Etching Hill CE Primary Academy Life at Etching Hill CE Primary Academy Life at Etching Hill CE Primary Academy
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Our school values are rooted in core Christian values.  They are evident throughout the children's learning and are embedded in the ethos at Etching Hill. 

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What do our values mean to the children at Etching Hill?

We are happy at school and that is joy. - Isabelle Y1

We are thankful at harvest time for the things we have and for our mom's on Mother's day. - Joel Y3

We pray to God and we hope that he will help us and I think faith means we think God will help us and is a bit like hope. - Beatrice Y3


Commitment means you are working hard for something, like perservering when you get stuck. We are committed to doing our best so our school is good. - Blaise Y5

Awe is when we notice things and think about them like when it's frosty outside. We think about how beautiful it looks and how it happened. - Ruby Y5

Fellowship is about being freinds and being in God's family. I think we are really good friends at Etching Hill and we know what to do when we fall out and how to make it better. - Grace Y3



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