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  • Have a wonderful Summer break, we look forward to welcoming all back on Tues September 3rd 2019. 

All Things Maths

At Etching Hill, we LOVE Maths and are always looking for new ways to improve our Maths skills.  ‘All things Maths’ will keep you up-to-date with the latest developments in Maths at EH from our times table rock star heroes to our pupil-led Maths tutorials. We would also love to hear from you and how you are developing your Maths skills at home; whether you’ve achieved your quickest Rock Star speed, worked out how many minutes before bedtime, found the time of the next train using a train timetable or have been calculating the bill for Mum and Dad’s supermarket shop, please tweet us using #ehallaboutmaths

Rock Star of the week!

Congratulations to our Rock Stars of the week who have shown determination to master their times tables– keep rocking!


Amelia Forrester 


 Noah Matthews


 Grace Sims


 Dan Alcock


Harley Pemberton 


 Isabella Craig


 Aaron Tonks


 Ruby Chandler


 Jayden Mottram/Will Gasser

Useful links to improve your Maths skills – all FREE sites!

Times tables Rock Stars:

Hit the button:


Maths Antics:

Maths playground:

ICT games:

BBC Bitesize:


Coming soon- child-led Maths tutorials on YouTube!