Etching Hill

"Together we can, Together we will"
Life at Etching Hill C of E (C) Primary School Life at Etching Hill C of E (C) Primary School Life at Etching Hill C of E (C) Primary School
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Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. – Henry Ford

All of the children in school, from Reception through to Year 6, are divided into four school teams. In July 2017, we invited all children and families from our school to nominate inspirational people from around the world to be considered for our team names.  We had a diverse collection of nominees, and so we held a pupil election.  Those four names who received the most votes have become our new team names:


Nelson Mandela             JK Rowling             Florence Nightingale        Walt Disney

We actively work on raising the profile of our school teams because we feel that by encouraging our children to build and develop friendships across year groups and key stages, we promote a more positive, cohesive school community.

Friday is team playtime so children share a playground with their whole team.  Following this, children remain within their teams for celebration assembley.  The older pupils very naturally assume the role of mentor as they guide their younger members both into the hall and back to their classes.

Throughout each term, we also hold team events.  We have held a number of Team Reading Activities where children throughout age groups will sit together and share a book or story.  This is something which not only promotes reading but also helps to further strengthen the relationships between team members of different age groups.