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  • Have a wonderful Summer break, we look forward to welcoming all back on Tues September 3rd 2019. 

Feedback from Parents

Etching Hill is committed to continual school improvement to ensure that our pupils receive the best possible education and experience during their time at Primary School. The opinions of all parents and carers of the pupils at Etching Hill are extremely important and as such we regularly seek feedback through the use of Parent Surveys. These surveys give parents the opportunity to let us know how we are doing. We feel that it is vital for us to know about those things which you feel we are getting right but perhaps even more important for us to be made aware of anything which you as parents feel we could do to make our school even better, in tune with the needs of our children, parents and local community

Parent Survey 

Thank you to all those parents who took the time to complete a Parent’s Survey late last year.  Gaining parental insight into all school matters is something which is very important to us here at Etching Hill and I am delighted with the positive responses and feedback from parents throughout the school. 

The first statistic, and perhaps the most important, is that one hundred percent of our parents agreed that they would happily recommend Etching Hill to other families.  I believe that this is due to the extremely positive collaborative partnership that we have with our parents and families.

Whole School Feedback

All parents agreed that their children enjoy coming to school where they are safe, taught well, are making good progress, get on well with their peers and are encouraged to work hard and do their best.  All of our parents also agreed that the school is welcoming and feel that there are opportunities to get involved.

Over 99% of parents also felt that Etching Hill is well led and managed, that our children behave well, that we deal with behaviour issues effectively and that we communicate well with you about your child’s learning and how you can support this at home.

98% of parents feel that Etching Hill encourages children to lead a healthy lifestyle and also that the school seeks and listens to your views and concerns.  Here are a few of the comments from parents and carers: 

I am delighted with how well my child is thriving at Etching Hill.

Our child loves school and is progressing very well, thank you!

My child is in their last year at Etching Hill, as a family we will be very sad to leave what has been a huge part of both our children’s and our whole family life.

We are so happy with how our child has settled, she comes home happy every day, a big thank you!

I am so impressed with the support my child has received in every aspect of his schooling.

Thank you so much for providing such an amazing learning environment/experience, couldn’t ask for more!

Our child loves coming to school and I think the progress he has made is fantastic! 

Areas where you feel we need to improve

It is very useful for us to read your additional comments on Parent Surveys because it provides us with the opportunity to understand exactly what issues are important to you.  This recent survey has highlighted three areas where you feel we could make some improvements:

Extra-curricular activities

A number of parents have reported that they feel more after school and sporting activities should be on offer for their children to join and take part in.  The period between November and February is traditionally quieter in terms of after school activities due to the cold weather and dark evenings. 

However, we are currently putting together our clubs schedule for the Spring and Summer Terms and I feel that this will offer children throughout the school lots of opportunities to take part in some varied and exciting clubs.  In addition to our own staff, Progressive Sports will once again be offering some fun sporting activities and the very popular Bug Club from last year will be returning, so watch out for a mini-beast invasion.  The new clubs schedule will be with parents over the coming weeks, ready to start after February half term.


A small number of parents indicated that they felt that homework for their child was not appropriate to their age and year group.  The surveys themselves do not hold any further information relating to these concerns so this is difficult for the school to respond to.  I would like, however, to encourage any parent who feels this way to come in and speak to their child’s class teacher to raise these concerns and enable us to consider and respond to these accordingly.

Once again, I would just like to thank all of our parents and families for their responses to our survey and to remind you that if you should have any concerns or matters which you would like to discuss, then please do feel free to contact our school office to arrange to speak to either class teachers or myself.

Mrs M Smith