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RML - How to help at home

At Etching Hill, we use the RML programme to teach our children to read. RML is a phonics based programme that helps children to read in their earlier years of education. We begin to deliver this in the Early Years and the children continue through the programme until they complete it in either Year 1 or 2. Over the last few years in school, we have hosted RML parent workshops to help to inform parents how the children in our Early Years and KS1 learn to read. We have had fantastic feedback from these events and parents have found them really useful in helping to support their child’s reading at home.

Please find below some links which you will find useful in supporting your child at home:-

Alphablocks - lots of videos and games to help with recognising letters and reading. We watch Alphablocks in school so your child might recognise some of these already!

Phoneme Pop - the sounds/letters drift by on bubbles and your child has to pop the matching sound!

Letters & Sounds - this game lets your child reveal a sound/letter and then try to find the picture that starts with the same sound.

BBC Bitesize - this game allows your child to listen to the sounds in a word and to pick the correct letter. Then they can see what word they have made with all of the sounds together.

Phonics Play - there are several free games to play that will help your child with their blending and segmenting.